255 75r17 vs 265 70r17 Tire

255/75r17 vs 265/70r17

Choosing the right tires for your vehicle may seem complex. Several factors cross your mind while looking for the correct pairs that meet your requirements. To secure a comfortable ride, regardless of weather or road condition, tires are the only link between you and the surface you are riding on. So, being skeptical is a complete no when picking the right ones.

255 75r17 vs 265 70r17 Table

Diameter inches (mm): 32.06 (814.3)

Diameter inches (mm): 31.61 (802.8)

Width inches (mm):10.04 (255)

Width inches (mm):10.43 (265)

Circum. inches (mm): 100.72 (2558.2)

Circum. Inches (mm): 99.29 (2522.07)

Sidewall height inches (mm): 7.53 (191.25)

Sidewall height inches (mm): 7.3 (185.5)

Revolutions per mile (km): 629.09 (390.9)

Revolutions per mile (km): 638.1 (396.5)

Load Capacity 2405 Pounds

Load Capacity 2679 Pounds

Revs per mile 658.10

Revs per mile 648.80

Tread Depth is 18 32nds

Tread Depth is 10 32nds

Why Compare?

You first have to look at your owner’s manual or the placard that comes along with the driver’s side door jamb. It will look something like this: p215/60416. The first half of the label signifies various size measurements like width and diameter. For a better understanding, here is a comparative table between 255/75r17 and 265/70r17 to help you as a guideline.

Main Differences 

The tire is normally described in 3 sets of numbers. EG: 255/70r17. The first is the width the second is the aspect ratio, and lastly third refers to the diameter. A thorough comparison shows the difference between these two comparing diameters, circum, and revolution is 1.4%. The width of these two is almost 4% (3.9%) to be exact.

Lastly, the sidewall inches have the variation of 3%. Considering all this number seems like a lot of work right? Following your manual might be the savior as it already contains the size of the tires you are supposed to look for. And even if that isn’t sufficient, let’s take a look at the mass reviews from the previous users themselves. You see the 255s are a little taller than 265s.

On the other hand, the 265s are a little wider than 255s. Out of service and comfort considerations, ordinary people tend to go with 255s than 265s. Check out the other review of 245 75r16 vs 265 75r16.

Short Reviews

“265 is really not considered an upgrade over 255 stock” states one of the purchasers. Again in contrast with that, another customer says that he has been getting overall satisfaction on muddy roads and feels excellent to handle too since it offers a greater area for the weight to spread and absorb the shock.

Now discussing some of the most frequently asked questions regarding comparing these two tires might work as the ultimate suggestion for you to make the right decision.

Can someone use 255 tires instead of 265?

Alternating from 255/70 to 265/70 will increase the actual height of the tire up to 14mm. To keep the same tire height for 265’s width, you will need a 67AR. In fact, 265 is closer to that than 70. It’s okay to go one size wider or smaller in the case of width but changing the tire’s height might open doors to complications. Stick with 70. The 265/70r17 is shorter, generally by almost half an inch when compared with the identical model tire than the 255/75r17.

So if you think 265 is adequate, you don’t possibly need a replacement. It is important to note that the exterior diameter which refers to how much a wheel travels at one revolution is slightly more for a 265 than a 255 at the same aspect ratio, the sidewall would be more prominent.

Top Highlights

As mentioned above both tires has their different sets of pros and cons. If you are looking for tires that will accompany you on your adventures and weekend excursions, 255 will give you a better view of a front liner roller coaster with its adhesive height advantage. Some of the 265 users find it sufficient with the service being wider than 255.

When it comes to all the little things like finding a spot to park your car or making your swift way through the narrow lane you probably want to settle for the less-wider one. In that case, 255 is the right match to meet your needs.

And if it’s the opposite way around, let’s say if you don’t mind your vehicle being bulky or beefy, you are more inclined to a journey on an open road yet rough one, you need 265 to damp the shocks and absorb the preliminary hits .

265 gives a bigger surface area to cover the tire, thus a person riding in that particular car will feel very few of the affects due to its relatively well shock deadener.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a 265 70R17 equivalent to?
265 70R17 is equivalent to 33×12.5R17. This size tire is common on many SUVs and trucks.

What is the difference between 255 75r17 vs 265 70r17 Tire
Well, 255 refers to the actual width of the tire, while 265 refers to the width of the tire when it is inflated. The difference may not seem like much, but it can actually make a big difference in the way the tire performs.

In general, wider tires provide better traction and grip, while narrower tires are better for fuel economy. So, if you’re looking for a tire that will give you the best performance, you’ll want to go with a wider tire. On the other hand, if you’re trying to save money on gas, a narrower tire may be a better option.

Of course, there are other factors to consider when choosing tires, such as tread pattern and compound. But, in general, the width is one of the most important aspects of tire selection. So, when you’re looking at tires, be sure to pay attention to the width. It could make all the difference in the way your car or truck performs.

Are 225 tires bigger than 265? The answer may depend on the specific tires in question, but in general, a tire with a higher number is going to be wider than a tire with a lower number. So, in this case, the 265 tire is likely to be wider than the 225 tires. This can be important for a variety of reasons, including both performance and aesthetics. If you’re looking for more grip or a more aggressive look for your vehicle, wider tires are often the way to go. Just be sure to consult with a professional to make sure you’re choosing the right size tires for your car.


 Wrapping things up!

Lastly, the decision remains all up to the features you are looking for in your ride. In simple words, if you are an outgoing person, more prone to exploring in the open wilderness, go for 265/75r17. If you are looking for a regular one that will be a suitable match for the everyday ride, invest your money in 255/70r17.


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