285 75r17 vs 285 70r17 Tire

285 75r17 vs 285 70r17 Tire
285 75r17 vs 285 70r17 Tire

When it comes to big tires, it’s all about calculating the sacrifices and the gains. You get all the looks, handling and ground clearance. But this comes in exchange for mileage and cost.

The 285/75r17 and 285/70r17 are two sets of tire that will make you live the luxury. With all the looks and performance, you are sure to turn heads. But the question is at what cost. What are the downsides and which is the better pick? Let’s find out with us.

285 75r17 vs 285 70r17

Has a section width of 11.2 in

Has a section width of 11.2 in

The rim diameter is 17.00 in

The rim diameter is 17.00 in

The overall diameter is 32.7 inch

The overall diameter is 33.8 inch

Sidewall height is 7.9 in

Sidewall height is 8.4 in

Does 617 revs per mile

Does 596 revs per mile

Has better mileage among the two

Consumes a bit more power

Has good ground clearance

Has excellent ground clearance

Good handling capabilities

Handling improves by quite a decent margin

Is the more affordable option among the two

Is the more affordable option among the two

load capacity 3195 Pounds

load capacity 3197 Pounds

Why Compare

With both these tires coming with a width of 285 mm and made for 17 inch wheels, it’s pretty obvious not to see the advantages of one over the other. Thus we have narrowed down the minor variations that can make all the difference in driving experience and expressed our views for you so that you can pick the best among them.

Main features of 285/70r17

285 mm Width
The distance between the two sidewall is 285 mm. This display the tire width.

Great Stability
These tires provide great stability on the road. You can clear your everyday bumps and pot holes with ease.

Good Handling
Be sure to get a good improvement in handling. You will be able to take sharp turns and still maintain good balance

Affordable Price
These are the more affordable option among the two. Tire price increase with the increase in size.

Better Mileage
Though 285 mm tires are known to consume a bit more power. These tires will save more power compared to its competitor here.

Main features of 285/75r17

285 mm Width
The distance between the two sidewall is 285 mm. This is more than its competitors.

Top notch Stability and Control
Experience tract level handling and performance. Go through corners without losing power.

Excellent Braking Performance
The 285 mm tires provide optimum grip. This ensures that the vehicle comes to a complete halt as soon as the brakes are applied.

Puts Power to the Tract
The tires are capable of delivering any amount of power to the tract day after day. This gives you the freedom to upgrade your engine anytime.

Premium Looks
It’s all about the looks with the 285/75r17. These tires will instantly give your ride a more muscular look turning it into a beast.

Better Ground Clearance
The improved side wall height provides more ground clearance. This gives you extra edge in off road driving and in rocky roads.

Tire Size Explained

We know it’s not easy to understand this complex numerical names. Don’t worry, we will help you out. Let us take a sample name 285/75r17. Here 285 is the distance between the tire side walls. It indicates the width of the tire. 75 is the aspect ratio of the tire height and width. It means the height of the tire is 75% of width if measured. Here R stands for Radial, which is the construction method of the tire. And finally 17 is the diameter of the wheel in inch for which the tire is made. Also you can check the other comparison 285 65R18 vs 275 70R18 to find the best one.

Our Verdict

Both these tires will offer excellent grip and power output. If you are more into looks, the 285/75r17 tire sets will give your ride a mean muscular look. Besides it also provides race tract level handling and grip. 285/70r17 are for the those who want the look and performance in a budget. These tires will save you money in mileage and replacement cost.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is 70 or 75 a wider tire?

Answer: The metrics here determines only the side wall height. But for the sake of explanation let us consider the tire width is 285 mm in both cases. Now 75 is the taller tire. 70 being short will look wider to the naked eye due to the shortage in height. In reality they both have the same width.

Which tire is better for fuel efficiency wide or narrow?

Answer: The simple answer is the one with the less weight and friction. Now since wider tires have more grip and weight, they have more resistance to rotation and thus consume more power.

Are skinny or wide tires better for mud?

Answer: Though wider tires are good for better grip; this doesn’t always help. Skinny tires can move faster through mud and snow penetrating them. Wider tires can get stuck easily due to its added width and weight.

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