Nu Finish Vs Turtle Wax for Cars

Nu Finish Vs Turtle Wax for Cars
Nu Finish Vs Turtle Wax for Cars

The paint coat of your car has to undergo many situations. That’s why it is no less important than the car itself. To secure the paint for long-lasting years, it should be shielded and protected with a special layer. Two of the most famous procedures to strengthen your car paint are NU finishing and Turtle Waxing.

As you might have already guessed NU finish is basically a “polish.” On the other hand, Turtle wax is a layer of “waxing.” Polishing is a one-step action compared to labor-intensive car wax products that require a two or three system of protection. Top-rated car polish can save you both time and money while delivering superior protection.

Turtle Wax Vs Nu Finish Table

NU polishing is easier and requires less time and labor yet what is lacking requires Turtle Wax if the NU finishing was indeed good? The answer is NU polishing can be bad for your car paint too. The fact is NU polishing contains silicone. Whereas the Turtle Wax not only protects your paint but also gives some extra shine.

Trusted Stain Remover

One Step Clean And Shine Formula

Easily Be Applied Anywhere, Even In Direct Sunlight

Advanced Sudsing Action Gently And Safely Lifts Dirt And Grime

Apply Once A Year Nu Polish For Automotive Shine

Enriched With Carnauba For An Enhanced Shine

Made Up Of A Series Of Zinc Cross-linking Polymer Emulsions That Help Last Longer

Not Just Shines But Also Fights Harmful UV Rays

Removes Surface Scratches, Scuff Marks And Swirl

Opt for Turtle Wax instead to remove hazing and obtain a shiny finish.

One Step System Can Removes Bugs, Sap And Grime

Removes Bugs, Tar, Tree Sap And Road Grime From Your Cars Finish

Nu Finish Formula Is Made To Protect Your Car’s Paint And Clear-coat Finish

Turtle Wax Is All You Need Inside-out For Over All Protection

Perfect For Use On Cars, Fiberglass Boats, RVs, & Even Chrome Surfaces

Safe To Use For All Car, Motorcycle And Boat Finishes


Nu finishing keeps your car exterior looking new with only one application per year. On the other hand, Turtle Wax requires a routine cleaning. It’s a bit of a lengthy process but with great aftermath.


Delivers impressive shine and protection without much rubbing or buffing. Whereas Turtle Wax gently washes away dirt and road grime without scratching. Dries spot-free, leaving your car sparkling clean. Due to it being enriched with carnauba wax for an enhanced shine, it gives a unique outer look.

Coated Finishing

As the only polish available with no wax, the Nu finish formula is made to protect your car’s paint and clear-coat finish. On the contrary, Turtle Wax is all you need inside-out for overall protection. It cleans and polishes with a shell-hard outer layer that protects your car paint from scratches.


Perfect for use on cars, fiberglass boats, RVs and even chrome surfaces. Similarly, Turtle Wax can be used for all sorts of exterior applications mentioned above.


Apply polish with a damp cloth, let dry to a haze and then wipe off. Unlike Nu Finish, Turtle Wax has to be poured in water first and then applied on the car surface with a sponge-like object. Rinse off and towel dry with a chamois or soft towel.

How To Apply For Nu Finishing?

  • First things first, wash and dry your car.
  • Apply sparingly with Nu polishing formula.
  • Let it dry to a haze.
  • Wipe with a clean and dry cloth, turning frequently.
  • Apply under sunlight.
  • For maximum protection, apply a second coat in 30 days.

Types Of Turtle Wax

  • Spray wax is generally the quickest to apply- but make sure you shake the bottle well first.
  • Paste wax tends to be harder to apply therefore is more time-consuming. However, it provides longer-lasting results so the application is worth it.
  • Liquid wax sits somewhere in the middle of effort vs results. Again, you must shake well before applying to mix the ingredients well.

How To Apply Turtle Wax?

Turtle Wax can be a bit tricky. Therefore it has far starching rules to follow.

  • First things first, don’t apply the process in direct sunlight or freezing conditions.
  • Car wax works best when used at the maximum, cool temperature. So, work in the shade on a summer day or in a garage on cold ones.
  • Spray the wax directly on the car surface, working on one section at a time.
  • Rub in the wax with one side of a slightly damp microfiber towel. Take as much time as you need to achieve the best possible result.
  • Buff out the remaining product with the other.
  • It takes a bit longer for liquid and paste, but the result will be worth your elbow grease.
  • When applying liquids and pastes, a dampened special foam applicator pad will be invaluable.
  • Apply a small amount onto the foam polishing pad and buff using a circular motion until it dries.
  • Use a clean, soft microfiber towel to give the bodywork a thorough wipe over all buffs.
  • Check reflections and gaps from all angles to ensure you have removed every last trace of the wax.
  • Repeat the process for unattained sides.

Wrapping Things Up!

  • While using an orbital polisher swap use the buffer’s wax applicator for a microfiber cloth to speed up the process.
  • Use this method to buff off the dried wax using long smooth strokes.
  • Avoid buffing in circles as it may leave swirl marks on your car paint.
  • Most importantly, guide the tool and do not apply too much pressure or force.


Too much to remember? You will get familiar once you try it. And why not? Turtle Wax got an outstanding rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Surely it’s worth a try. Lastly speaking of NU Finish gives you excellent service with just a few steps and minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Turtle Wax better than Nu Finish?
It really depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a product that will give your car a deep clean and a brilliant shine, Turtle Wax is a great option. If you’re looking for a product that will give your car a long-lasting shine, Nu Finish is a great choice. No matter which brand you choose, you can be sure that your car will look great!

No, Nu Finish is not the same as wax. Wax is a product that is applied to the surface of a car in order to protect it and give it a shine. Nu Finish is a polish that is designed to clean and restore the finish of your car.
Assuming you’re talking about the popular car wax brand, Turtle Wax, the answer to how long it lasts depends on a few things. For one, it depends on the specific product you’re using – some are designed to last longer than others. Additionally, it depends on how often you wax your car and how well you take care of it in between waxes. Generally speaking, though, most people find that Turtle Wax does a good job of protecting their car’s paint for several months at a time.
Assuming you drive your car regularly, you should Turtle Wax it at least once a month. This will help keep the paint looking shiny and new, and will also protect it from the elements. If you live in an area with particularly harsh weather conditions, you may need to wax your car more often.


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