Motul 7100 vs 300v Engine Oil

Motul 7100 vs 300v Engine Oil
Motul 7100 vs 300v Engine Oil

Motor oil is an essential ingredient in all types of car engines. Therefore, it is an important part of the vehicle system. Engine oil acts like blood in the engine system. Therefore, if you cannot buy the right engine oil, you cannot rely on a good engine system to drive the vehicle. 

Motul 7100 vs 300v

Motul is one of the famous motor oil brands in the markets. Motul 7100 and 300v are two different types of motor oils under the name of the same brand.

Viscosity 10w-40

Viscosity 15W50

Meet the Euro 2 or Euro 3 emission regulation

Passes JASO T904 wet clutch compatibility test

Oil consumption is reduced

Better engine response and maximum engine RPM

High sheer stability

Above existing standards

Maximum oil film resistance at very high temperatures

Double ester technologys provide excellent lubricity

100% Synthetic Ester based motorcycle lubricant

100% Synthetic Ester based motorcycle lubricant

Recommended for specific SUZUKI, YAMAHA, KAWASAKI engines requirement

For use in all high performance 4-stroke engines

Excellent for sport bikes, street bikes and off-road bikes

For road racing, motocross and bikes with or without a catalytic converter

Why Compare:

There is no doubt that motor oil is essential to the health of a car. There are many motor oils on the market. There are many types and brands of high-quality oil suitable for different types of vehicles. Therefore, if you find a suitable oil motor on the market, you may be confused. Therefore, you need to understand the differences and similarities between different engine oils. Here, we discussed the differences and similarities between Motul 7100 and 300v oils and which one you should buy. 

Viscosity Grade

Motul 7100 and below 300V viscosity grade indicate who should use these oils because different oils are also designed for different users. However, in this respect, Motul 7100 and 300V are very similar, and they are suitable for people with high oil content

The latter is more focused on the use of racing. They are also suitable for off-road vehicles or commercial vehicles. This is a minor criterion because if your vehicle is equipped with a CAT or catalytic converter, 300V is designated as the application. Those who do not use it on road bikes are recommended to choose 7100. 


About Motul 7100 and 300V, the first thing you want to know is that it plays a huge role in choosing quality and performance; as you may already know, they are all based on synthetic materials. We are not talking about them as semi-synthetic materials. However, in this case, since both ester bases are in group V, they are 100% synthesized. This particular group is up-to-date and is said to have a higher output than its predecessors. 

The difference is that when they use ester base oils, they use Motul Ester Core technology or a high-performance version of the base oil to formulate 300V. It is said that this special engine oil is formulated with an innovative additive package to provide perfect synergy and maximize engine performance without compromising reliability and wear. 

In addition, Motul said its oil could boost power to 1.3 horsepower while maintaining the characteristics of a wet clutch. The gearbox was protected with a wear protection additive package and passed the FXG gearbox test, which passed the stage from load to failure with a scale of 14. Under all working conditions, assuming stable oil pressure, this is the upper limit of the range.


Motul7100 has been around for a long time and continues to be loved by people for its smoother engine noise, incredibly smoother friction, and apparent improvements in all gears. The same is true for 300v engine oil because engine oil will also make your shifting smooth and sometimes force you to shift for no reason, just because it is that simple. 

Moreover, many people say that their engines have performed surprisingly better over some time. Expansion because of their lower temperature. Finally, since the bicycle gains more power, the performance improvement can also be felt subtly.

Wear Protection

The last but not least point is to talk about these amazing motor oil is their lasting period because they are equally good here and have a long service life. We can’t tell how many miles we can travel before we need to change it. Using these oils to lubricate 2 to 3 kilometers, it is amazing that these oils still look good after a long journey and many hours of work. By the way, the 7100 is immediately red, while the 3100 is green and transparent.

Who is the winner?   

Motul 7100 and 300V are good choices for people who ride high-performance bicycles and update the standard motor oil used in the past. The difference is that 300V is suitable for people with CAT on road bikes. The 7100 is the opposite. The upper limit between the two is 300 volts because this oil is formulated as a racing companion, which also means improved performance. 

The decision is up to you because everyone does not own the same bicycles. It is best to choose the one that best suits your application. If you do not participate in motorsports, then Motul 7100 is already a very good choice.

Can you mix Motul 7100 with 300v?

Yes, you can. There will not be any negative or positive impact on your automobile’s performance. So if you are running out of 300v but already have bought 7100 for your engine, you can mix them up and begin using them. 

How long does 7100 last?

The fully synthetic Motul 7100 oil is worth the money. The replacement interval is 6,000 to 7,000 kilometers, which is safer, but if you are not willing to ride the bicycle hard, it can withstand 8,000 kilometers without any problems.


Motul 7100 and 300v are motor oils of the same brand but different versions. So before buying either of them, you should know the differences between them in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you’re looking for the best protection for your engine, Motul 300V is the way to go. However, if you’re on a budget, 7100 may be a better option.
Motul 300V is a high-performance synthetic motor oil that can last up to 15,000 miles between changes. This makes it a great choice for drivers who want to extend their oil change intervals and get the most out of their engines.
Yes, you can use Motul 300V every day! This motor oil is specifically designed for high-performance engines, so it can definitely handle the daily wear and tear. Plus, it will keep your engine running smoother and more efficiently. So go ahead and enjoy the benefits of using Motul 300V every day!
Yes, Motul 7100 is a 100% synthetic motor oil. It’s designed to provide outstanding protection and performance in all types of engines, including those that require high-performance or “full synthetic” motor oils. Motul 7100 is also compatible with all types of gasoline and diesel fuels.


Motul 7100

Motul 300v

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