Flowmaster 40 VS 50 Series Muffler

Flowmaster 40 VS 50 Series Muffler
Flowmaster 40 VS 50 Series Muffler

Ever wonder what your car would sound without its muffler? Probably not; because without it your car won’t possibly sound like the trademark exhaust tone we are used to that makes us aware of a car approaching. The sound that your car emits through its muffler says a lot. Where loud rust full sound indicates your car not being in a good shape, the smooth aggressive sound refer how powerful the car interior is.

As both driver and passenger we don’t want too loud of the noise that takes aback the rest of the environment. A subtle yet loud enough exhaust that blends in and suits the outer appearance of your vehicle is what we are looking forward to.

Why Compare?

Flowmaster 40 and 50 series have been in consideration for quite a long time when it comes to choosing a suitable muffler for your car. 50 are considerably more milder than the 40s. But then again we are looking for loud noise but not too loud. However, the main two factors that differs these two exhaust system is cruising and power.

Flowmaster 50 Series Vs 40 Series

Model: Flowmaster 430402

Model: Flowmaster 942551

Noticeable interior resonance

Mild interior resonance

Comes With Fully Mig-welded For Maximum Durability

Improved Horsepower, Torque and Engine Efficiency

Aggressive Sound for the Enthusiasts

Excellent choice for large displacement vehicles

Excellent Street/Strip and Off Road application

Excellent Street/Strip and Off Road application

High performance Flowmaster muffler

Features advanced three-chamber design

Fully MIG welded for durability

Delta Flow internal technology

Come with limited lifetime warranty

Come with limited lifetime warranty

Mild To Moderate Exhaust Tone

The two compartment 50 series muffler has a range that provides tone consistently from mild to moderate. Unlike 40 series, the 50 muffler is known for its milder exterior and reduced interior resonance due to less vibration.

On the other hand, the 40 series is rather aggressive. It has a powerful and truculent exhaust tone which certainly marks your presence among the crowd on road.

Decreased interior Resonance

The Flowmaster 50 series also works as the sound deadeners. It secures a quitter inner ambiance by shoving out the noise in the outer world. Since the tone is still moderate, it doesn’t quite interrupt the outer balance and rather evaporates.

Similarly, the Flowmaster 40 too has a noticeable improvement in the reduction of interior resonance. It is aggressive on the outside while offering a lot more quitter inside.

Ideal For Street Cars And Trucks

The 50 Flowmaster mufflers are made out of 16 gauged 409s stainless steel and is totally MIG welded for optimized durability. Since it is stainless it is very neutral to exterior moisture and goes a long way. The trucks and regular passenger cars that are always in motion under low maintenance, 50s will be an excellent choice for them.

On the contrary, the aggressiveness of the 40 series allows them to cope with street and strip style. For undiscovered rural places the Flowmaster 40 mufflers are a perfect choice since they work great on off-road.

Improved Mileage

Since 50 series are made out of the best of raw steel the ride with these are pretty smooth. Thus, the fuel combustion is reduced resulting into the improved horsepower. The low consumption and effortless mild exhaust eventually leads to better mileage.

40 series has no internal packing to blowout. It is the most aggressive sounding muffler in its class that is excellent for street racing and off road applications.

Race Prove

On a brighter note, the Flowmaster 50 muffler series are not only limited in daily use. The dual chamber gives it a modern look that copes well with the race car vibes. It allows the outer appearance to be challenging yet the sound is subtle enough not to draw inconvenience.

One of the biggest differences between 40 and 50 series is that, while 50 are suitable for regular car and trucks on concrete road, the 40s are more of a rebel version which is a complete match for racing. For its head-turning thunder like tone it will surely make you look more challenging.

Vehicle Specific: Where 50s are vehicle specific, the oval shaped 40 Flowmaster comes along with the quality of universal fit.


Even though the Flowmaster 40 and 50 series are supposed to mimic the output of a sound deadener; reportedly they are not quite good in that sector. The job of the mufflers are not only to emit exhaust noise but also to provide an overall service. Nevertheless, they seem to prove less adequate.

Where many users find it up to their liking, on the contrary, many has oppose the recommendation of the 50s. “Delta flow seem to has more baffles and less resonating”- states some of the consumers.

 Which One Is The Loudest?

The answer as you might have already guessed is “Flowmaster 40 series”. By a huge margin this series are known for its trademark loud, thunder like noise that will surely make people turn their heads.

 Are Flowmaster Louder Than Glasspacks?

The Flowmaster are better right off the bat. Flowmaster 40 series mufflers provide the most deepest and powerful grumble that almost sounds angry and threatening.


Both these model,  Flowmaster 40s and 50s are different version under the same brand. They both have an average decent rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. With both of them addressing different affairs they are indeed distinct, by all means you can settle for one of them according to your need.

Flowmaster 40

Flowmaster 50

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