Eibach Pro Truck vs Bilstein 5100 Shocks

Eibach Pro Truck vs Bilstein 5100 Shocks
Eibach Pro Truck vs Bilstein 5100 Shocks

The Eibach Pro Truck is a great choice for those who want to make their truck look better with little fuss. It’s also perfect for off-road enthusiasts who want to improve performance and safety. The Bilstein 5100 is built with quality in mind, which makes it a good option for those looking for something more durable than the Eibach Pro Truck. If you are interested in learning more about this comparison, read on!

Eibach Pro Truck vs Bilstein 5100 Table

Monotube with coil over function 

Monotube, gas filled shocks

Has a PSI of 220 

Has a PSI of 200

Adjustable lift height

Multiple available option for height adjustment

Handles extreme force even in the off roads 

Balanced handling with very little friction

Non-replaceable adjustment springs 

No spring change

Dyno tested valving 

Digressive valving

Covered By a Million-Mile Warranty

Limited lifetime warranty

Custom tuned shocks and springs

Has a protective boot

Sturdy rubber bushing 

Vulcanized rubber bushing

Abrasion and corrosion resistant coating

Block resistant design for sag free, consistent ride height

Why Compare

Pro truck and 5100 are made by two of oldest company making after-market car parts. Bilstein has been in the market for over 60 years now and they are quite synonymous to this product. Eibach on the other hand is the oldest suspension manufacturer in the industry and recently they entered in to shock absorber production.

In terms specification and benefits provided, both these dampers are ranked highly and appreciated by technicians. But while buying, consumers have to deal with the sweet dilemma of choosing between the two. To chose between them, you need full disclosure about their specs-built quality and functionality. And trust me, to get them in one place is near to impossible.

So, we’ve decided to compare them and construct a complete article containing all the information necessary to make a strong purchase decision.

Types and Function

Shocks come in lot of different variants and each has their own separate quality. Shocks today are very efficient and thanks to modern techs they are way more functional.

Monotube, twin tube, tri tube, telescopic, these are the most common types of shocks available today. Of these, mono tube is seen most. Mono tube means the shock consisting single tube. It operates very smoothly as the piston inside is a free flowing one.
Bilstein, as we all know, uses pressurized nitrogen gas inside. This opens the gate for functional superiority. Bilstein being a veteran of the industry, has good consumer base for this product. This series here is a sporty one and goes any distance. It functions very efficiently even when you are driving off road.

Another one which we have is the shocks made by Eibach. This company has vast popularity in suspension making. Recently they decided to have a go at the shocks. The innovative decision to use coil over technique inside mono tube illustrates that they are here to stay and so is their products. This damper can add height up to 2.5’’ which guarantees the sporty look that comes with it. It’s a heavyweight shock for heavy duty performance.

Built Material

Company image plays a big role determining built quality. When the company is well established like these two, the expectation is greater which forces them to provide better materials than usual.

Eibach is an old company with lots of positives to their name. Their shocks might be relatively new in the market but the quality is there. They liquid steel finish is always attractive for both passenger cars and sports one. To avoid getting rust, corrosion they company coats it with zinc. This shock weighs more than any other shocks that’s because the shocks are destined to carry load and the dyno test, sturdy valving, big piston is thoughtful addition.

Bilstein is no different. Anyone in to cars will always recognize the brilliance of Bilstein shocks. 5100 is no different as they are one of the top products from the company. As the shock is monotube, it has pressurized nitrogen gas inside and the sealing on top of the tube is one that won’t wear out. Dampers are equipped with big 46mm piston to carry weights easily. Zinc coating, digressive valving with neoprene rubber bushing, these are Bilstein specialty and its present in every Bilstein shocks.


Reading built quality, you get an idea of their strength and its needless to say that they last for long period of time. That’s why Manufacturing companies don’t fear offering long warranties.

Both these shocks are backed up by limited lifetime warranty. Bilstein runs for 60,000miles where the industry average is 50,000 miles. Eibach shocks have an astoundingly longer life. They run at least a million miles before they start wearing out.

Suitable Vehicle

These shocks are perfect if you are looking to get a lifted look for your car or jeep. As both these shocks adds extra height to your vehicle, you can think of putting bigger tires or stances. You can go long roads with these shocks and if you go off terrain, modern additives inside will quickly adjust to the road and help you drive.

Both these shocks are good to go even if you go extreme off road. Having said this, Trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, Cars are the most widely used vehicle for this. Shocks match a wide variety of vehicle now-a-days so you should determine what kind of application you want from your shocks and chose accordingly.


Both these companies are well established, so they are easily trusted. They are priced a bit higher than the mid-range shocks.
Shocks are not something you buy according to the price. First step is to check if the fit the intended vehicle. Then comes the price segment.

Pro truck and 5100 both are performance-oriented dampers and buyers don’t mind paying the extra few bucks for these.
Of these two, the Eibach one is priced a bit higher than the Bilstein but that’s only just.
We haven’t noticed any purchase behavior based on price at least for these shocks.


When going gets tough, these two dampers here, will carry your weight and ensure smooth ride and at the same time will protect your vehicle.

Eiback Shocks

Bilstein Shocks

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