Duralast Vs Everstart Battery

Duralast Vs Everstart Battery
Duralast Vs Everstart Battery

Car batteries are of great advantage nowadays. Keeping the overflowing demand of car battery in mind, this article is going to discuss the main features and differences between Duralast and Everstart car batteries. So, if you are looking for a good battery but confused between Duralast and Everstart, then this article is for you.

Why to Compare?

Almost all the car batteries show similar features. Moreover, there are varieties of battery brands available in market. Demand of it is also increasing in a hasty manner. To cope up with high demand, this article is written to differentiate between Duralast and Everstart batteries. So, people usually get confused on which one to purchase. The main object of this article is to help people choosing the appropriate one between Duralast and Everstart. This comparison is also important to understand the basic features and functions of a battery.

Duralast Vs Everstart Table

Main features like size, warranty, Power generation capacity and others vary with battery models. All the models can’t be covered within a single article. Thus, two specific models of Duralast and Everstart are chosen to show the basic differences below-

Model: Duralast 24- DL

Model: EverStart Maxx

Reserve capacity: 110 minutes

Reserve capacity: 110 minutes

Cold cranking amperage: 600 A

Cold cranking amperage: 800 A

Voltage: 12 VDC

Voltage: 12 VDC

Group size: 24F

Group size: 78N

Specially designed paste to improve performance

Lead acid automotive battery fits & Maximum Starting Power

2 year replacement warranty 

3 year replacement warranty 

From the table above, it’s clear that Duralast and Everstart car batteries have no significant differences.

Cold Cranking Amperage:

Cold cranking amperage or CCA refers to the ability of a battery to start at a cold temperature. A 12 volts battery can generate an amount of energy at 0 C temperature for 30 seconds. This energy is termed as Cold cranking amperage. The higher the CCA, the more the starting power of a car battery.

From the above information, we have come to know that both Duralast and Everstart show significant difference in CCA. Duralast battery has CCA of 600 amps whereas Everstart batteries has 800 amps CCA which is far more than that of Duralast. It assures that, Everstart battery can provide smoother starting and energy than Duralast.

Weather Condition:

Duralast and Everstart car batteries are not adaptable to a same weather condition. Duralast battery are very good for cold weather. Extreme high temperature can adversely affect Duralast car batteries, On the contrary, Everstart car batteries are adaptable in both extreme high or low temperature.


Durability is measured in terms of time. The more durability a battery has, then more it is welcomed. Duralast and Everstart car batteries show significant disparity in durability. Duralast batteries provide only 2 years warranty whereas Everstart battery’s warranty is for 5 years. Everstart has become very popular among customers for its long-lasting service. People want this too. Just install and forget!

Reserve Minutes or Capacity:

Reserve minutes, also denoted as reserve capacity, indicates the number of minutes a battery can sustain a given load. This measurement is conducted before the battery is fully charged. Generally, the sustained load is up to 25 amperage or more.

As mentioned above, Duralast and Everstart car batteries have reserve minutes of 110 minutes. It means that both Everstart and Duralast can sustain such kind of load for 110 minutes till fully charged. So, there is no difference in reserve capacity.


Though it’s not wise decision to differentiate two batteries based on price, it can provide a general idea to the reader about pricing and help them to cut their coat according to their clothe.

Duralast 24-DL and Everstart 24F, have almost same configuration, show huge variation in price. Duralast 24-DL costs 127 dollars. On the other side, Everstart 24F costs only 89 dollars that is almost 2/3rd than the price of Duralast.


Voltage is the potential energy that is required to move electron from one place to another. It actually defines the energy generation capacity of a car battery. Most of the car batteries are of 12.8 volts in average.

Duralast and Everstart batteries are of 12 volts. So, it is proven that, in spite of having differences in size, both of these batteries generate equal amount of energy.

Why And How To Check Electrolytes Of Battery?

Electrolyte transfers electron which is the main element of electricity. A particular level of electrolyte should be maintained for function the battery well. If electrolyte level gets excessive lower, it will cause adverse effect on the battery. Sometime, accidents like blast may happen.

It’s very easy to check electrolytes of car battery. There are some vent caps on top of the battery. Opening the caps, electrolyte level can easily be checked visually. Mostly electrolyte is composed of water and sulfuric acid. If this level gets lower, we need to put some distilled water.

This procedure is very simple. But it will help us in many ways. Checking electrolyte level regularly can get rid of accidents. It also helps us to maintain the battery properly for having a long-lasting service.

  • Precaution: Tap water contains huge mineral residues that can burn the battery. Only distilled water is applicable.

Which One To Choose?

From the above discussion, it has become clear that Duralast and Everstart car batteries show significant differences in price, durability and cold cranking ampere. Everstart costs less than Duralast. It is also in advantageous position for its durability.

Moreover, Everstart batteries start softly without any thrust for its high CCA. So, if anyone wants to purchase a car battery with maximum configuration at a minimum cost, he/she must go for Everstart car batteries.

Just don’t be confused. Follow this article to choose the best one. You can take the suggestion that’s given in this article. If you don’t want, it’s absolutely fine. This article is just to guide you. Final decision is always yours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

EverStart batteries are made by Johnson Controls, one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers. They’re available at most major retailers, and they come with a three-year warranty. EverStart batteries are affordably priced and offer good value for the money. They’re also backed by Johnson Controls’ reputation for quality and reliability. So if you’re looking for a good battery option, EverStart is definitely worth considering.
An EverStart battery should last for several years with proper care and maintenance. However, the length of time a battery will last depends on many factors, including how often it is used, how well it is maintained, and the conditions under which it is used. With proper care and maintenance, an EverStart battery can provide years of dependable power.
Duralast batteries are designed for long-lasting performance and durability. Duralast Gold batteries feature advanced technology that provides up to twice the starting power of a standard battery. Both types of batteries are backed by a nationwide warranty.


Duralast Battery

Everstart Battery

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