Duralast Vs Carquest Car Battery

Duralast Vs Carquest Car Battery
Duralast Vs Carquest Car Battery

Batteries generate energy to run any machinery equipment. Car batteries do the same thing just to run cars. This article is going to discuss the features of two very popular car batteries- Duralast and Carquest.

Why to Compare?

It’s very tough to choose the best battery for individual cars as car batteries show little difference. So, confusion arises while purchasing one. It even gets worse, when one needs to choose one between Duralast and Carquest batteries.

Car batteries are becoming popular for its smooth functioning and eco-friendly properties. The main objective of comparing Duralast and Carquest car batteries is to help people choosing the appropriate one. Moreover, this comparison will also be worthy who have quest of knowledge about automobiles.

Duralast Vs Carquest Table

Main features like size, warranty, Power generation capacity and others vary with battery models. All the models can’t be covered within a single article. Thus, two specific models of Duralast and Carquest are chosen to show the basic differences below-

Model: Duralast 24- DL

Model: Carquest- 24F

Positive terminal location: Left

Positive terminal location: Top right

Reserve capacity: 110 minutes

Reserve capacity: 85 minutes

Cold cranking amperage: 600 A

Cold cranking amperage: 550 A

Voltage: 12 VDC

Voltage: 12 VDC

Group size: 24 F

Group size: 24 F

2 Yr Free Replacement

1 Yr Free Replacement

From the table above, it’s clear that Duralast and Carquest car batteries have no significant differences.

Main Features:

Reserve Minutes or Capacity:

Reserve minutes, also denoted as reserve capacity, indicates the number of minutes a battery can sustain a given load. This measurement is conducted before the battery is fully charged. Generally, the sustained load is up to 25 amperage or more.

As mentioned above, Duralast and Carquest car batteries have reserve minutes of 110 and 108 minutes respectively. It means that Duralast can sustain such kind of load for 110 minutes till fully charged. Only the other hand, sustaining capacity of Carquest is 2 minutes lower than Duralast. This difference is not much significant at all.

Cold Cranking Amperage:

Cold cranking amperage or CCA refers to the ability of a battery to start at a cold temperature. A 12 volts battery can generate an amount of energy at 0 C temperature for 30 seconds. This energy is termed as Cold cranking amperage. The higher the CCA, the more the starting power of a car battery.

From the above information, we have come to know that both Duralast and Carquest have equal CCA which is 600 amps. That means both of these car batteries generate equal energy in starting period.


Carquest batteries are lighter than Duralast batteries in weight. So, Carquest car batteries can easily be moved from one place to another. Anyone can easily handle for its small size. On the contrary, Duralast batteries are heavier and larger than Carquest, thus it’s not easily portable.


Coverage indicates total time or area that a battery can sustain without any trouble under preferable condition. Concerning coverage, Duralast shows more advantage than that of Carquest battery. Duralast batteries have durability of about 3-5 years that means it can run a car for approximately 36000 miles without any issue.

Whereas, Carquest batteries can support a car for only 2 years or about 24000 miles. So, if one want to enjoy a long-lasting service, then he/she must go for Duralast car batteries.


Voltage is the potential energy that is required to move electron from one place to another. It actually defines the energy generation capacity of a car battery. Most of the car batteries are of 12.8 volts in average.

Duralast and Carquest batteries are of 12 volts. So, it is proven that, in spite of having differences in size, both of these batteries generate equal amount of energy.

How To Maintain A Car Battery?

Car battery requires extra care. There are many brands of car battery available in market. Each of which show different durability. But for having a long-lasting performance from a battery, one must take care and pay extra attention to car battery maintenance. Some tips are given below for maintaining battery in a proper way-

  • Battery replacement: Car batteries should be replaced in every 4 years. Using same battery for a long time can harm the vehicle.
  • Checking acid level: The acid functions as electrolytes in a battery. Acid level should be checked at regular interval. One should not charge battery fully.
  • Adding water: If electrolyte level becomes lower, distilled water should be added to battery. One must be careful while pouring water that water mustn’t overflow.
  • Testing batter load: Batter load test can show us that weather the battery is capable of charging at full wave or not. This test must be conducted by a mechanic.
  • Cleaning battery: Dirt and debris can cause adverse effect on car batteries. All the debris should be cleaned at regular interval. Solution of baking soda and water is suitable for washing process.
  • Checking cables: battery cables can get loosen. So, all the wires adjoining battery should be checked and if any loose wire is found, it should be tied immediately.
  • Using more: Health of battery depends on the quantity of using it. So, one shouldn’t leave his/her car for a long time without using it.
  • Keeping warm: Cold weather is not good for batter health. So, one must keep his or her car battery warm. Battery heater can be used for this warming process.

Duralast and Carquest batteries show very little differences. It’s clear from this article that, anyone is tending to buy a car battery, can go either for Duralast or Carquest battery.

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Carquest Battery

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