Cooper ATW vs Cooper AT3 Tires

Cooper ATW vs Cooper AT3 Tires
Cooper ATW vs Cooper AT3 Tires

Kumho’s Ht51 tire is an affordable, all-season tire that’s designed for family cars. But is the Kumho Crugen Ht51 a good replacement for your aging, cracking and worn-out Michelin Defender? We put these tires to the test to find out.

Though they come from the same brand and have lots of similarities, they have some differences too. Before diving into the main discussion, first, you need to look at their general explanation.

Cooper ATW vs AT3 Table

The comparison table is a crucial thing to find out the best products easily. It also helps the buyer pick the best tires and easily see all the information about the two products. It will help you to save their time and make a quick decision which one you should buy.

Discoverer Atw

Discoverer At3 Xlt

Load index rating 125

Load index rating 125

Products Dimensions (34 x 34 x 12 inches)

Products Dimensions (33.2 x 33.2 x 11.1 inches)

Tires size 275/65R20

Tires size LT275/70R18

Tread depth 18.4 32nds

Tread depth 16 32nds

Tire aspect ratio 70

Tire aspect ratio 70

Speed rating "S"

Speed rating "S"

Items weight 61 pounds

Items weight 37 pounds

Specially designed for light trucks and SUVs

Suitable for light trucks, lifted, leveled and extra-large pickups.

Features with a couple silica tread material that delivers improved traction in below-freezing temperature and dry conditions.

Designed with exceptional deep, jagged sidewalls that help the tires climb up stones and plow through mud.

Built with snow groove technology that helps to maintain traction in the heavy snow and ice conditions. It is also designed with micro-gauge corrugated siping to enhance firm grip on icy and rainy roads.

Even wear press and durable tread technology to balance pressure at the tire-to-tire contact area exalting even on-road tread wear.

It is exclusively designed with sports sturdy traction shoulders that helps to augment off-road traction for bolder crawling and clay handling.


Cooper discoverer ATW is a hybrid and all-terrain tire that provides exceptional traction in on-road and off-road. It is specially designed for light trucks and SUVs.

It is built with the same all-terrain features as the popular discoverer at3. Designed with micro-gauge corrugated siping to enhance grip on icy as well as snowy roads. It comes with snow groove 2.0 technology that manages the road-to-tire traction in low temperatures and heavy snow and ice conditions.


It is also known as cooper discoverer AT3 XLT all-season tires. It is suitable for lifted, leveled, and extra-large pickups. The exclusive sidewall design helps the tires to climb up rocks, stones and plow through mud.

It is more durable and worthy of your ride. It is also designed with rugged, biting skirts on the tire’s shoulder for extra smooth grip and resistance to punctures and leakage.

Both tires are good in the specific field and the same manufacturer manufactures both. So it would help if you researched well before buying one of these tires. With this comparison, you will be able to select the best tires for your trucks and cars. Shortly, the Cooper AT3 is a rugged all-terrain and all-season tire that can stand up to anything.

Cooper ATW is an all-terrain tire at heart but is designed for a year after year performance including the heavy snowy and icy conditions.

Main Difference

Undoubtedly, both tires perform well and both have lots of similarities. But they have some differences too. Both are all-terrain tires and able to deliver stunning performance on all surfaces.

COOPER ATW is featured with a coupled silica tread material that provides a smooth ride even in snowy and rainy conditions. On the other hand, cooper at3 is an all-season and all-terrain tire. It is built to withstand the ongoing assault from pebbles and stones. 

Top features and benefits of COOPER ATW

  • Hybrid design helps to use in all-terrain and heavy wintry conditions.
  • They are designed with a micro-gauge corrugated sipping to enhance smooth grip on icy, rainy, and snowy roads.
  • It is formulated with SNOWGROOVE 2.0 technology that maintains traction at low temperatures and severe snow and ice.
  • Coupled silica tread material helps to increase traction under freezing conditions.
  • Larger-than-normal lateral grooves decrease the likelihood of hydroplaning and help to evacuate water and clay.
  • Provide a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty.

Top features and benefits of COOPER AT3

  • Discovered with an aggressive sidewall that helps the tires to climb up stones and run through sticky clay smoothly.
  • Fit for all seasons, be it dry or snowy (wet), all-terrain tire.
  • Built with sturdy and viable tread technology hauls heavy loads with an anti-wear and keep stand to protect the tire from heavy dirt, stones, and gravel.
  • It is engineered with an arduous traction shoulder that provides improved off-road traction. Also, it helps to run smoothly over rock-solid stones, pebbles and keep perfect handling on the sticky mud.
  • Resist to friction and uncertain punctures.
  • It is manufactured with stone-resistant ledges to reject stones and pebbles.
  • It comes with whisper grooves that help to reduce extra sound and road noise.
  • They are designed to prevent cutting and mincing on stone and pebble terrain.
  • The tires have 100% ability to grip the road in both dry and damp or snowy conditions.
  • Has 100% Ability to hold on harsh surfaces.

Final Verdict

Cooper ATW and AT3 both tires’ overall performance is good. They provide maximum effort in their field. But considering the above, cooper at3 is good enough from the road noise performance. Cooper at3 has whisper grooves to reduce road noise for a smooth ride.

Cooper AT3

Cooper ATW

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