Seafoam Vs Bg 44k – Fuel System Cleaner

Seafoam Vs Bg 44k - Fuel System Cleaner
Seafoam Vs Bg 44k – Fuel System Cleaner

Cars are an essential part of our life. We can’t think of a single day and rely on them constantly for taking us to places. But vehicles are intricate if only we could take a peek in the inside. A vehicle’s engine is more like a power house and with all the rough conditions a car has to go through; regular inspection is a must to make sure whether all the parts is in good terms or not.

Fuel injector cleaners are such products that help us do so. They are in charge of cleaning and providing protecting agents for the oil. Fuel injector cleaners are a special mixture of oil additives that will remove any debris that gets clung in the engine or are rather unnecessary. Thus, it will sustain a constant flow of the oil so that the engine can run smoothly.

Bg 44k Vs Seafoam Chart

Both Seafoam and BG 44K have been renowned product when it comes to taking care of the engine and cleansing away the dirty remains. So what exactly makes them distinct? Well, to start with; Seafoam not only cleans but also lubricates and restores lost power of the engine. Whereas,  BG 44K focuses more on the cleaning job and is regarded excellent in that field.

Model : SF-16

Model : BG Platinum® 44K®

For cleaning, use 2 or more ounces per gallon

One can will treat 20 gallons of gasoline

Clean the entire fuel system and restoring lost power

It increase combustion quality and power output

Its a entire fuel cleans system

Its a entire fuel cleans system

For any Gas or Diesel fuel blend

Compatible with all fuel system materials

Help your engine equipment run cleaner and last longer

Restores Engine performance & improve fuel efficiency

Dissolves and cleans injectors, carb jets, passageways, intake valves, pistons and cylinders

It Clean deposits in combustion chambers, intake manifolds, ports and valves

Main Features List

Here are some of the similar features both these fuel injector cleaners have in common.

Cleans Injector

True to its name both Seafoam and BG 44K are excellent cleaner. Seafoam is a detergent based oil that cleans while flowing through the passageways.

On the other hand, the BG 44K when added to gasoline will quickly clean the entire fuel system. Which includes the valves, ports and the combustion chambers. When it comes to BG 44K, one container of it can manage up to 20 gallons of gasoline.

Improves Mileage

The engine has to withstand several shocks and ups and downs. Naturally, it has to go through many uneven roads. But with Seafoam, the engine gets a coat of exterior lubrication. Thus, the engine has to go through less hustle free halt, start and acceleration.

With the better combustion quality it’s needless to say the engine feels more at rest and is running without hesitation. BG 44K has been proven to increase mileage as it restores performance and improves power output all together.

Works in Crankcase

Many complex parts in a vehicle is out of human reach yet dirt or debris somehow manage to escape through and get stuck. With Seafoam slick oil, it will liquefy all the harmful intruders and leave a deposit free oil tank. In addition, intake valve chamber and upper cylinders gets a lubricating while the gunk gets cleaned out.

Since BG 44K too is a super slick oil, it runs through easily with any other sort of oil blend to reach the narrowest of passageways. From cleaning the mere injector itself to the removal of the upper engine deposits, it is sure to deliver a thorough performance.

EPA Registered

EPA is the short form of (Eicosapentaenoic Acid). An ‘EPA registered product’ means it won’t cause any harm to your health or environment. Since, Seafoam is 100% pure petroleum, it mixes well with the oil without much of a struggle. Not just that, it varnishes the deposits while clearing away all the gum.

Without any second guessing, the BG 44K is a worthy contender considering all other fuel injector cleaner in the market. Since, it is a common fuel additives and can cope to work well in all sort of fuels and alcohol blends.


Surely you are familiar with the fact “too much of everything is bad”. The Seafoam too is not an exception. Too much of this particular fuel injector cleaner can rob off the mandatory agents from your engine it needs to survives on. Over usage can literally stave off your engine and result into a fatal engine failure.

Seafoam is an excellent cleaner and is prone to removing gunk. Whenever, it removes a big piece of gunk it most possibly will clog the pick up point causing your engine to crave for fuel.

Compared with Seafoam, the BG 44K is rather an expensive fuel injector cleaner. Since you need a refill around in every 5000 miles you have to purchase this on a repeated cycle. In fact, this oil cleaner works best with frequent use when you pour it in with every oil change.

Which One Is Better?

Long story short. Seafoam is good for regular maintenance and provides an over all service. It concentrates on every part while lubricating and bringing back lost power. With the price being legit it is cake walk to use Seafoam in every 2000-5000 miles. Nevertheless, the BG 44K is quick to do its work. It not only cleans but also prevents corrosion and engine contamination which eventually results in enhanced drivability and engine performance.

Are Seafoam And Bg 44k The Same?

The answer right off the bat is no, they are not exactly the same. Seafoam has an overall performance that includes cleaning, lubricating and restoring power. Whereas, the BG 44K specifically concentrates on the cleaning part and everything that follows after.


Let the rating speak louder than words. Both are top notch quality yet the ratings have a different tale to tell. Where BG 44K has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, the Seafoam seems to win the battle with the outstanding rating of 5 out of 5 stars!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, seafoam is an excellent fuel system cleaner. It’s made from natural ingredients and it’s been used for many years to clean boat engines. Seafoam will help remove deposits and build-up in your fuel system, and it’s also good for preventing corrosion.
BG 44K is a fuel system cleaner that can help restore lost power and performance in your engine. It is designed to clean the entire fuel system, including the injectors, carburetor, and combustion chamber. BG 44K can also help improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.



BG 44K

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