Berryman b12 vs Seafoam

Berryman b12 vs Seafoam
Berryman b12 vs Seafoam

Cars are designed with complex mechanical machines along with 30,000 parts. The continuous movement of these parts makes a car run. So the movement of the internal part needs to be smooth. These parts and engines run by burning oil. So there can be oil sludge in different places on engines or other parts if you do not clean them for a long time.

Berryman B12 vs Seafoam Table

The main active ingredients are- toluene, methanol, acetone, etc.

The main ingredient of sea foam is naphtha.

Berryman B12 is strong enough that it can remove paint of your vehicle.

Sea foam has no such possibility to do so.

Berryman B12 is not suitable for diesel engines use gasoline engines only

Sea foam is safe to use all types of gas and diesel engines.

It is not recommended to add it to oil.

Sea foam has no prohibition to add it to oil.

Made in USA

EPA registered product

Berryman B12 is efficient for using it directly in the oil tank.

Sea foam is not suitable to add it in the oil tank.

It cleans injectors, carb jets & passageways

It will Kepp injectors, carb, intake ports & valves clean

High energy solvent technology is improves engine performance & increase fuel economy

It cleans harmful residues and deposits which help increae oil flow and engine lubrication.

Berryman B12 Short Review

Berryman B12 is a motor treatment, which dissolves gum, varnish, and other fuel residues from the entire fuel system and makes the entire system smooth to run. It is a highly strong solvent technology, which easily cleans carburetors, linkages, choke, pcv valve, and throttle body.

You can use Berryman B12 on your motorcycles, scooters, cars, snowmobiles etc. Berryman B12 is easy to use and worth the money. Its thickness and sheerness is much commendable to make it one of the best motor treatment tools.


  • It has 100% high-energy solvent technology;
  • Quickly and effortlessly dissolves gum, varnish, fuel residue, and carbon build-up;
  • It cleans different parts of the fuel system like- carburetors, linkages, choke, pcv valve, and throttle body;
  • Better vehicle drivability and fuel economy;
  • Voc compliant in all 50 states;
  • High energy solvent technology;
  • Dissolves deposits fast;
  • Dries quickly and completely;
  • Leaves no residue.

Sea Foam Short Review

Sea foam is another kind of motor treatment spray, which also cleans fuel injectors and carburetor passageways. Sea foam is made from refined petroleum, which makes it safer to use on engines without any second thought of damaging it. But the entire fuel system of your vehicle would be smooth, clean, and long lasting if your vehicle’s engine is in use of sea foam.


  • SeaFoam cleans fuel injectors, intake valve, chamber deposits, and carburetor passageways;
  • It cleans injectors, carb jets and passageways
  • It cleans and lubricates upper engine, intake valves, pistons and cylinders
  • Dissolves and cleans all the fuel residue and makes the fuel systems smoother and long-lasting.
  • Dissolves oil deposits in crankcase.
  • Cleans and make quiet noisy lifters
  • Made of pure petroleum which makes it efficient to use.
  • Dissolves gum and varnish deposits or internal engine contaminants;
  • Controls moistures in fuels.
  • Adds lubricity to fuels.

Who is the winner?

Bothe Berryman B12 and Seafoam are great as motor treatment tools to keep the whole fuel system smooth and long-lasting. Sea foam and Berryman have their own positive and negative sides. But still there is a stronger one than the other.

Berryman B12 is much stronger grease and gum dissolver than Seafoam. Its strong effectiveness and reasonable price have made it much more popular than SeaFoam. Some people prefer using both of them. Berryman B12 is for the inner oil tank and SeaFoam for fuel injectors, upper engine area, and carburetor passageways as carbon cleaner. Some people say, Sea foam works as a great stabilizer but the Berryman B12 is the stronger cleaner for the fuel system for its powerful active ingredients.

How to use oil additives to your vehicle?

Using oil additives are not difficult to use at all. You need to pour the product in your fuel tank to clean and lubricate the entire fuel system of your vehicle. Then it works through all parts of the system and makes them free from grease, gum, and varnish. You do not need to use any extra instrument to use the products. So it is a much easier and affordable process for the users.

Is it safe to use too much fuel cleaner?

There is no harm in using too much fuel cleaner. But using too much fuel cleaner can be costly to maintain a vehicle for a long time. If you use your car on a regular basis, then you can put 1 or 2 cans of a fuel cleaner after 2000 to 5000 miles.

If you experience better car performance after adding the fuel cleaners, you may be interested in using too much amount of that after that. But extra use of fuel cleaners indicates the poor condition of the fuel system. So it would be suggested that you change the oil twice a year and tires rotated once a year.

Is it harmful to come in touch with fuel additives?

It is better to get in touch with these components directly. Use safety measures like- hand gloves, goggles before applying it on your car or car’s engine. You need to be also careful that there is no source of fire or electricity while you are pouring it in your car because these are extremely flammable and eye irritant. Also, keep these products away and safe from children.

Berryman b12


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