AC Delco Shocks vs Monroe Shocks

AC Delco Shocks vs Monroe Shocks

If you’re in the market for rear shock absorbers, you’re probably wondering whether to buy AC Delco or Monroe shocks. If so, we’ve got a comparison of the two brands that will help you decide which is best for your vehicle!

AC Delco vs Monroe Shocks

Monotube with DOM pressure

Monotube with special modifiers inside

200 PSI

150 PSI

Unique State-of-the-art technology

Nitrogen gas charged tubes capable of reducing aeration.

Non-removable spring

Non-removable spring

PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valving

Fully displaceable vehicle specific valving

Comes with protective boots

OE-style design for seamless fit, form, and function

2 years limited lifetime warranty.

3 years limited lifetime warranty

Full perimeter, multi lip piston with permanent sealing

Fluon banded piston with premium sealing

Levels the vehicle according to need

Vehicle specific height adjustment

Why Compare?

Here are two top business that plays a vital role. These names are illustrious members of the industry doing business successfully for years now. As you already know, shocks have a reasonably large lifespan. And over the years, they take care of the vibrations and impacts created by your vehicle.

Shocks are an inevitable part of the suspension system. When newly installed they offer a firm grip and balanced ride. But many of the shocks lack consistency. These two here are respected for the consistency they offer.

You may question that, if they are so great why compare them? As a consumer, you’ve to make a purchase decision. And it’s easy to get confused between two great products. So, we have assembled this article to help you make a final decision.

Type of Shock

Shocks are very basic yet of huge importance in your vehicle. Both your balance and suspension depend heavily on the shocks. You probably know this but good shocks are fundamental for your driving comfort. And the options are plenty. You can go with a twin tube or a monotube. Of these two, mono tubes are considered more advanced technologically.

The dampers we are comparing are monotube dampers with pressurized gas inside. The AC Delco in our list uses a DOM technique to make the gas even more efficient. But the Monroe one also holds firm to its top position using pressurized nitrogen to curtail aeration. These two shocks are one of the best after-market shock absorbers and the type and features they possess have a lot to do with them.


If your work takes you to various places and you have to change your roads regularly, then these shocks will benefit you by a good margin.

Both the Monroe and AC Delco are providers of not only shocks but all the necessary automobile accessories. So, they know how to get your attention and capture it with superior functionality and built quality, which we will discuss later.

Both these shocks maintain a firm grip on the road providing equal traction. It is true that good shocks will enlarge your tire’s lifespan. AC Delco shocks are known for their eco-friendly engineering, resulting in multiple awards. And with Monroe, the name is already a big one.

Built Material

The companies producing these shocks are big guns of the industry we’ve already discussed. It’s no surprise that the products will have superior materials too. The AC Delco shock in our segment is made of original equipment, and they are widely used in GM vehicles. These dampers are fairly robust with a PSI of 200 yet they weigh only 1 pound. The valving is astonishingly unique.

We are yet to see another shock with positive crankcase ventilation. The Monroe has a slightly lower PSI, 150 yet the ingredients inside the tube are very modern and Monroe to none. It allows you to tow and haul which is considered heavy duty. Fluon piston and ASD technology help you achieve better control and comfort while riding.


Shocks usually come with a considerable lifespan. With the duty they perform and the place they are in, they ought to have a big lifespan because users can’t afford to replace them at regular intervals. Lampers are created with sturdy and rust-free materials, and they tend to last 50,000 miles on average.

The Monroe shocks have a similar lifetime. The AC Delco shock in our article, however, has a better lifespan, they last for 80,000 miles on average. The warranty period for both dampers is 2 and 3 years respectively.

Suitable Vehicle

Vehicles today are becoming increasingly diverse, so the pressure to produce diverse parts is also present. Shock absorbers have been remodeled and bettered with time. They too fit a lot of different vehicles. Take the Monroe shock, for example, the coil and spring adjust themselves according to the road.

The Monroe dampers have all-weather liquid inside them with unique modifiers. So, when you change terrain, they too change their duty and act accordingly. The ACDelco has toughed chromed piston to withstand weight and pressure. They are durable and can help you drive in any terrain. Both these shocks are used in cars, jeeps, light trucks, pickups, and similar sorts of vehicles.


You can find dampers in almost any price segment you want. But that needs to fit your vehicle correctly. Expensive dampers won’t magically fix all your problems if they don’t work. So, after fixing a price point, you ought to find the shocks that fit.

Both these shocks are very efficient in price along with their performance. The AC Delco one has been priced a little less than the following one. Both the shocks are a worthy investment that we can guarantee. So, we feel responsible for saying that we always buy according to compatibility. Your shocks will perform best, and money will be appropriately utilized.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Monroe shocks are some of the most popular shocks on the market. But are they the best?

It really depends on what you’re looking for. Monroe shocks are known for their durability and performance. They’re a great choice if you’re looking for a shock that will give you a smooth ride and last for a long time.

However, there are other brands that may be a better fit for your needs. It’s important to do your research and find the right shock for your vehicle and driving style.

ACDelco shocks are made by the General Motors Corporation. ACDelco is a parts and service brand that offers high-quality car parts for all types of vehicles. The company has been in business for over 100 years and is one of the most trusted brands in the automotive industry. ACDelco shocks are designed to provide superior performance and durability, and they are backed by a limited warranty. If you are looking for quality shocks for your vehicle, ACDelco is a great option.

ACDelco shocks last an average of 50,000 miles. However, it is important to note that this number will vary depending on driving habits and conditions. For example, if you frequently drive on rough roads, your shocks may not last as long. Conversely, if you take good care of your vehicle and only drive on smooth surfaces, your shocks could last much longer. Ultimately, it is important to have your shocks checked regularly to ensure they are in good condition and functioning properly.

Monroe shocks are designed to last for the life of your vehicle. However, there are a few factors that can affect their lifespan. For example, if you frequently drive on rough roads, your shocks may wear out sooner. Also, if you carry heavy loads in your vehicle, this can also shorten the life of your shocks.

If you take good care of your Monroe shocks, they should last as long as your vehicle does!



We have looked at two of the best shocks in the market and have come to a few conclusions regarding them. Both these shocks are incredible in their own ways and are suited for different purposes. The AC Delco shock is best for those who want a durable and long-lasting product while the Monroe one is better for those who want a shock that can tackle any terrain.

It is entirely up to the user to decide which product they want and what they need it for. We hope that this article has helped you in making a decision regarding the best shock absorber for your vehicle.

AC Delco Shocks

Monroe Shocks

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