Monroe Roadmatic vs Quick Strut

Monroe Roadmatic vs Quick Strut

If you are in the market for a new strut assembly, you may wonder what the difference is between Monroe Roadmatic and Quick-Strut. These products are designed to make replacing your strut assemblies easier, but they have some key differences. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of each product so that you can decide which one is right for you.

Quick Strut Vs Roadmatic Table

Weighs 5.75 Pounds 

Weighs 22 pounds

Gas Charged Strut-Based Coil 

Application Specific Coil Spring Type

Comes With Protective Boots 

Comes With Protective Boots 

OEM Quality to Meet Vehicle Specific Height 

OE Design, Vehicle Specific Height Added

Superior Handling Compared to the Later One 

Protective Coating Resists Rust and Corrosion

Fully Assembled Unit With No Need for a Spring Compressor

Weld Design to Deliver Structural Integrity and Durability

Engineered and Fit To Meet OE Specification

Precisely Calibrated to Meet the OE Design

All-Weather Fluid for Improved Ride and Handling

Premium Upper Strut Mount Helps Ensure Smooth

Fully Integrated Design Reduces Installation Time 

Fully Integrated Design Reduces Installation Time 

Comes With a Three Year Warranty

Comes With Limited Lifetime Warranty

Available for Domestic and Import Passenger Cars, Light Trucks and SUVs

Application Specific Coil Spring, Mount and Strut Designs

Why Compare?

The main reason to compare Monroe Roadmatic and Monroe Quick-Strut is that they are both designed to make strut replacement easier. However, they have some key differences that may make one or the other a better fit for your needs.

The Monroe RoadMatic strut assembly is designed to help reduce installation time and eliminate the need for a spring compressor. Engineered to meet OE specifications, this strut assembly is perfect for those looking for a quick and easy installation.

The Monroe Quick-Strut strut assembly is designed to help reduce installation time and eliminate the need for a spring compressor. Engineered to meet OE specifications, this strut assembly is perfect for those who are looking for a quick and easy installation.

Both Monroe Roadmatic and QuickStart have premium struts and bearings. The Quick-Strut is an updated version of Roadmatic, and you can say that Quick-Strut is the premium version of Monroe Roadmatic.

Types & Function

There are many types of shocks available in the market: monotube, Twin, tri tube, telescopic, strut-based, etc. Here we have two excellent strut-based shocks that you are going to love for sure. The company trusts its product so much that it guarantees that you’ll feel the difference.

These shocks are safer, easier to install, and you can actually repair all of their parts. That’s a huge point if you don’t want to buy another. Coil spring design that is OE is quality? Vehicle owners dig these kinds of stuff. It also improves vehicle control and the dust boot minimizes contact with dust and water so they are immune to rust. With these shocks installed, you’ll receive consistent performance which will help your vehicle for extra miles.

Built Material

These two here have the same manufacturer and are vested with the same material. They are strut-based, and they are almost identical. Let’s be honest here. The operation shocks carry out, and it’s not possible with traditional materials. It demands something good that can accommodate the comfort in the vehicle.

Starting at the top we see a Robust bearing plate with SAE-grade nuts and bolts. They were then coming down to the bearing covered by the upper spring isolator. After the bumper, it’s the most important spring. The strut rod on both dampers is covered with a dust boot which is commonly called protective boots. Quick series has a lower spring isolator which is no longer seen in roadmatic. All steel used in the process is US grade, and manufacturing is also in the USA. Ensure you get the original vehicle height followed by the actual ride performance.


So far, we have talked about what type of shocks these two are, what functions they can perform, and what they are made of. Now, reading this, you have a firm idea of how they have such a considerable number in tensile strength. Yes, these two shocks have a long lifecycle. However, it’s obvious to have such a lifespan when you have got A-grade materials all over you. Strut-based shocks can easily last 8-10 years, depending on how and where you use them.

Roadmatic series will provide Top quality service until 1,00,000 km as that’s when the start is wearing out. On the other hand, the Quick strut works efficiently as long as 80,000km. Shocks are not something you check up on daily. And their built quality and warranty ensure they are here for the long run. But that doesn’t imply that you will go on to buy random shock.

Suitable Vehicle

Selecting a shock and finding out that this one covers a wide range of vehicles is a huge relief. Shocks are chosen according to their compatibility. It’s a waste of money if you buy a shock that doesn’t match your vehicle’s preference.

Great news for you! Both of these Monroe shocks cover a huge range of vehicles. Commonly they are perfect for SUVs, light trucks, and domestic or passenger cars. It is good to go with any of it. And don’t worry about the weather. These shocks have all-weather fluid inside, making them worthy for extreme weather.

Product Price

Monroe as a company has consistently produced shocks with reasonable pricing. Being in the market for quite a long time, they know buyers select and buy according to their budget. Both of these shocks are strut based, and as a result, their price segment is always very close.

The roadmatic is the newer of the two and, possessing all the modern additives, is priced slightly higher than the quick strut. Our take on the price is that we find it justified and paying the price seems worth it considering their built quality and the benefits we are to get for the price.

Our Observation

Both Monroe Roadmatic and Quick Start have premium struts and bearings. The Quick Strut is an updated version of Roadmatic, but it has more strength, durability, and quality performance. After going through all the details and specs of these two shocks, we can say that they are both good products.

But if we have to make a choice, then we would go for the Monroe Quick Strut. It provides better value for the price and is more versatile than the Monroe Roadmatic. So, if you are in the market for a good quality shock absorber, then we would recommend the Monroe Quick Strut. It is a great product that will not disappoint you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between quick struts and Monroe Roadmatic struts?
Quick struts are designed for quick and easy installation. Monroe Roadmatic struts are designed for a more permanent installation. Both types of struts provide good support for your vehicle, but quick struts may not last as long as Monroe Roadmatic struts.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, quick struts are the way to go. But if you want something that will last longer, Monroe Roadmatic struts are a better option.



Monroe Roadmatic and the Quick strut are considered the best in their line. They both have a long lifespan and offer some unique features that you might prefer over another. The Roadmatic and the Quick strut series got a lot of things to give us.

They are both equally good in their respective price band. The newer Roadmatic series has a bit more to offer and if you are willing to pay the price, it’s worth getting them. Ultimately, it’s all about what you want to do with your vehicle and which shock fits in better for them.

Monroe Roadmatic

Monroe Quick

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