Everstart Maxx H7 vs H8 Battery

Everstart Maxx H7 vs H8 Battery
Everstart Maxx H7 vs H8 Battery

Automotive batteries, the surge protector of the car computer, the powerhouse to start a car are rising in demand for vehicle owners. Everstart has been serving the demand and manufacturing batteries for different models of cars.

This brand claims so many models of batteries that there is a fit for every car model. However, this content will discuss the long demanded Everstart Maxx H7 vs H8 comparison. Stay tuned till the end to explore the best-suited battery for your vehicle.

Everstart Maxx H7 vs H8 Battery Comparison Table Guide

Everstart Maxx H7

Everstart Maxx H8

Battery Types: Lead-acid Type

Battery Types: Lead-acid Type

Reserve Capacity: 130 minutes

Reserve Capacity: 160 minutes

Cold-cranking Amperage: 790 CCA

Cold-cranking Amperage: 900 CCA

Voltage: 12 volts

Voltage: 12 volts

Item dimensions (LxWxH): 12.40 x 6.90 x7.50

Item dimensions (LxWxH): 13.90 x 6.90 x7.50

Group Size: BCI 94R group

Group Size: BCI 49 group

Warranty: 3 years free replacement warranty

Warranty: 3 years free replacement warranty

Postive Terminal Location: Top right side

Postive Terminal Location: Top right side

Weight: 50.9 lbs.

Weight: 59.2 lbs.

Battery Types

The Everstart Maxx H7 belongs to the Lead-acid type of battery- these batteries come with a structure of metal Lead-based alloy plates flooded in an electrolyte solution. This is probably the most common type of automotive battery. This type of battery and especially the H7 is cost-effective and is affordable to all.

The Everstart H8 belongs to the Lead-acid group as well and just like the typical lead-acid batteries, this one is built with a robust design. It specializes in tolerating overcharging and is built to last for really long. Also, this particular model is extremely priced effective and is highly recyclable.

Reserve capacity

The Everstart H7 turns out to be satisfied with its RC (reserve capacity) rating- it features 130 minutes of reserve capacity which eventually means until the voltage decreases, this 12v battery can provide 25 amperes for 130 minutes at 10.5 volts. This battery will run your vehicle for almost 130 minutes in case of alternator failure.

Everstart H8 features 160 Reserve Capacity which means this battery is capable of providing 25 amperes at 10.5 volts for 160 minutes until the voltage decreases. As the reserve capacity of this battery is more than the H7, this one can provide power to the alternator for a longer time.

Cold-cranking amperage

CCA or Cold Cranking Amperage is defined as the number of amperes in a temperature of 0F, a 12v battery can deliver maintaining the least 7.2V voltage for 30 seconds at a stretch. The Everstart H7 comes with 790 CCA which means in cold temperature, this one will be highly helpful due to its high starting power.

When it comes to CCA, the Everstart H8 is mind-blowing as it flaunts 900 CCA. For car batteries, the higher the cold cranking amperage the better it will work in winters or cold areas. Thus if you belong to the coldest areas of the world, the H8 model would be the first pick.


The Everstart H7 is built with 12v which signifies the standard voltage parameter for a decent battery. It causes the least trouble to the alternator and provides as much support as possible. Due to the standard voltage, the car never needs to have a hard start which ensures the engine’s durability.

The Everstart H8 follows the same voltage as the H7; it also features 12v. As the voltage is decent enough to run the car alternator in a proper way, it also eliminates extra pressure. This voltage ensures the safety of the hardware such as the sensors as well and prevents any further damages.

Item Dimensions LxWxH

The Everstart H7 features a dimension of 12.40 x 6.90 x 7.50 inches which is a standard dimension for a lead-acid battery. It is standard for cars and light vehicles as well. As lead-acid batteries’ performance is proportional to their sizes, this dimension ensures proper cold-cranking amperage, reserve capacity, and other measures for a standard battery.

The Everstart H8 is larger in size than the H7; 13.90 x 6.90 x 7.50 Inches is the dimension of this model. As 1.50 inches bigger in length than the H7 one, expectedly it may be able to take more load than the previous model. Though this one also works better with light vehicles, yet due to the bigger dimension, this one is more superior in performance as well.

Group size

H7 is the DIN code for the Everstart Maxx H7 battery which is also known as L4 or 77L4 and as per the BCI labeling, the H7 dimension is pretty close to the 94R group. The dimensions of these groups are H7: 315 x 175 x 190 mm, 94R: 315 x 175 x 190 mm. So, the dimensions are exactly the same and the H7 battery belongs to the 94R group.

The group size in any battery is very important to find the perfect fit for your car. Users must check the car manufacturer’s manual to determine the battery group size Suitable for their car. However, any car or vehicle that supports group size H7 or 94R must opt for the Everstart Maxx H7 battery.

Similarly, H8 is the DIN code for the Everstart Maxx H8 battery and is also labeled as L5 or 88L5. It features a similar dimension to the BCI 49 group of batteries. The dimensions are H8: 354 x 175 x 190 mm, 49: 381 x 175 x 192 mm. Here, though the width and height are quite similar the 49 group is a few inches longer than the H8. Thus the H8 battery can be a replacement for the group 49 battery but the group 49 battery cannot replace the H8 battery.


Both the Everstart Maxx H7 and H8 come with three years free replacement warranty. That means if the customers feel any problem within the first three years of their use, they can claim a free replacement (the details are found on the warranty document). Moreover, users can enjoy free battery testing.

Positive Terminal Location

Everstart Maxx H7 and H8 locate the terminals in the same position. Both these batteries are top post batteries thus, it becomes easy to connect positive and negative terminals. It features a positive terminal on the right side at the top of the battery. While buying any battery, the buyers must know about the terminal location and determine whether the location is suitable for their vehicle cable or not.


The Everstart H7 weighs around 50.9 lbs. which is way more than the standard weight for any car battery. For lead-acid batteries, more weight means more constituents thus, heavyweight batteries are considered better.
The Everstart H8 weighs 59.2 lb. which is almost 9lbs more than the Everstart H7. Thus this battery is more suitable for heavy-duty power engines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, H7 and H8 batteries are the same. They are both lead-acid batteries that are commonly used in cars and other vehicles. The only difference between the two is the size; H7 batteries are slightly larger than H8 batteries. Both types of batteries are 12-volt batteries that can provide power for a variety of automotive applications.
EverStart batteries are known for their affordability and dependability. In fact, many drivers consider them to be the best value for money when it comes to car batteries. EverStart batteries are also backed by a strong warranty, which gives drivers peace of mind in case of any problems.
The Maxx EverStart battery comes with a three-year warranty. This means that if the battery dies within three years of purchase, you can get a replacement for free. There are some restrictions to this warranty, so be sure to read the fine print before making your purchase.


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