Raybestos Vs Centric Rotors

Raybestos Vs Centric Rotors
Raybestos Vs Centric Rotors

Brake rotors are a very important part of a vehicle’s braking system. If your car isn’t stopping as well as it once did, it’s likely that you need new brake rotors. This important component improves braking performance and makes braking a little more comfortable. One should look for brake rotors that perform well in wet conditions and last a long time so you don’t have to replace them as often.

Brake rotors increase your car’s overall performance of braking by allowing it to slow down faster and reduce stopping time. Brake rotors also make the brake pedal more sensitive and responsive to the touch. To avoid any unwanted situation we have to use proper brake rotors that will increase your vehicle’s performance and will help to drive the car safely.

Centric Vs Raybestos Table

Raybesto and Centric parts are two renowned companies working on high-performance braking parts of various kinds for a long time. Today we will discuss brake rotors from these companies. We’re hoping for nothing less than perfection. Both brands are unrivaled in their respective fields. However, we’ll try to decipher the razor-thin margin to see who will emerge victorious in the end.

Model: 581612FZN

Model: CEN126.40063SL

Material Enhanced Iron

Material Cast Iron

Coating (black fusion and/Or grey fusion 4.0)


Style Vented

Style Vented

Go through 300 Plus Hours Of Salt Spray Testing & Exceeds The OE Requirement

400 hours of salt water exposure without rusting & OE style replacement rotor

Coated entire surface with full grey fusion 4.0™ coating

Electro coating finish gives long lasting corrosion protection

Mill balanced Provides minimized vibration, quieter and smoother stopping

Have mill balanced for long lasting durability & smooth stopping

Ideal for High-performance street vehicles, trucks, suvs and luxury cars

Ideal for Daily commuter vehicle or any type of car. (Please check your car manual)

Raybesto Performance Rotors Review

Raybesto performance rotors provide everything a serious driver looks for, like the improved feeling of the pedal, rust prevention, and extended pad life, etc. These rotors are constructed with special enhanced iron that keeps the steering cool and vibration-free. Performance rotors may be equipped with a patented S-Groove slot(D640,620) which maximizes pad to rotor contact for more fluid braking, extended pad life and improved pedal feel.

The rotors meet the SAE tensile strength standard, ensuring structural integrity and long service life. A turned finish reduces noise and increases responsiveness resulting in more consistent stops.

  • Enhanced iron keeps the brake quiet and vibration-free.
  • Cooling vane provides less noise, extended pad life and reduced fade.
  • Coatings aid in the reduction of rust, allowing for better airflow, temperature control, and aesthetics.
  • Tensile Strength SAE Standard.
  • The turned surface reduces noise and increases responsiveness.
  • Thickness Variation & Lateral Runout for minimized pedal pulsation and noise.
  • mill-balanced rotors help to reduce rotor thickness variation, resulting in reduced vibration and proper balance.

Centric Disk Brake Rotor Review

Centric premium rotors have an Electrocoating layer that protects them from corrosion for a long time. Electrocoating is an electrostatically applied finish that can resist saltwater exposure for 400 hours without rusting. Other manufacturers’ phosphate finishes offer only rudimentary weather protection; these finishes are usually only useful for the shipping and storage phases of a rotor’s life.

Phosphate finishes are rendered ineffective by heat and moisture, resulting in immediate corrosion once installed in the car. In centric disk brake rotors for uniform heat distribution, symmetric vane, split-core castings are used. For optimum performance and service life, uses a double disc ground friction surface.

  • Electrocoating finishes for long-lasting protection from corrosion.
  • Machined Finish
  • Double disc ground for optimal service life and performance
  • Better heat transfer due to center split core casting.
  • Inexpensive Compare to others.

Main Features:


Both Raybestos and Centric brake rotors are composed of iron. But Raybestro is made of enhanced iron and Centric is of cast iron. Cast iron as nothing but a fixed proportionate mixture of iron alloy. In cast iron, gray iron is mixed with alloy. Thus, cast iron has more resistance to being raptured. Moreover, cast iron is not changed with temperature. So, in this case, Centric brake rotors have an advantage over Raybestos brake rotors.

Product Warranty:

Warranty is a desirable feature of customers. All people cherish that their purchased equipment lasts a long time. The more the warranty, the higher the demand for that equipment. Raybestro and Centric rotors have a difference in warranty. Centric brake rotors provide 3000 miles warranty. But Raybestro brake rotors don’t provide any particular warranty.

So, if anyone wants to purchase any of these rotors, he or she should go for centric brake rotors. Thus, he will enjoy 3000 miles of service without facing any problem. But care should be taken because any unwanted incident can cause adverse effects to rotors and result in permanent failure.

Which One Do You Choose?

From the information presented above, it is clear that if you are looking for a high-quality product with long-lasting performance, the Raybestos performance brake rotor is the clear winner, although a little pricey. However, you cannot argue that centric parts are bad. Because if you want a low-cost product for your light commuter car, you should go with centric parts premium brake rotor.


Centric Rotors

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