Fluke 115 vs 117 Digital Multimeter

Fluke 115 vs 117 Digital Multimeter
Fluke 115 vs 117 Digital Multimeter

With all the DIY tutorials out there, digital multimeters have become an essential tool nowadays. Besides professional usage, these multimeters are now being used in tech projects, product assembly, and other household purposes. This increase in demand has forced brands to roll out improved and user-friendly multimeters at affordable prices.

Fluke 115 vs 117

Fluke is a company that has been innovating around digital multimeters for quite a long time. With offerings such as Fluke 115 and Fluke 117, they have positioned themselves as the first choice among competitors.

Can measure DC and AC voltage up to 600V

Can measure DC and AC voltage up to 600V

Can measure up to 20 ampere AC and DC

Can measure up to 20 ampere AC and DC

Has features like Resistance, Continuity Frequency and Capacitance

Has features like Resistance, Continuity Frequency and Capacitance

Doesn't have non-contact voltage detector

Has non-contact voltage detector

Fluke offers a 3-year warranty

Fluke offers a 3-year warranty

Doesn't have LoZ ghost voltage detection

Have latest features like LoZ ghost voltage detection

Is more suitable for day to day troubleshoot or science projects

Is more suitable for day to day troubleshoot or science projects

Has safety rating CAT III 600 V

Has safety rating CAT III 600 V

Battery life around 400 hours without using the backlight

Battery life around 400 hours without using the backlight

Why Compare

The Fluke 115 and 117 are both high-tech and user-friendly devices designed to serve various needs. While the 115 model is good enough for most cases, the 117 models give you an extra edge. Thus we have made this comparison to help you explore the differences.

Main features of Fluke 115

One hand usability

It comes with an ergonomic design thus ensure a better grip. It’s small in size so it can be stored in the smallest spaces. You can carry it with you in your pocket or handbag when required.

Easy to use

This handy device is also easy to operate. It’s really easy to measure resistance, frequency, and other readings within a short time. Even a beginner can get used to the device in no time.

Big Display

The large 6000 count display offers excellent visibility. The backlight function makes it ideal for use in all situations. The ions and digits are sharp and bright making it fun to take readings.

Wide Variety of functions

It’s a loaded beast when it comes to functions. It measures voltage up to 600V and current up to 20A for both AC and DC. Besides, you can measure the resistance of 40M Ω and up to 50 kHz frequency with this monster in hand.


These devices have been built to last. You don’t have to worry about the accidental drops and sharp edges as the 115 model comes with a hard protective case. They perform consistently in all weather conditions.

Main features of Fluke 117

Top End Model

The 117 is one of Fluke’s top-end models designed for ultimate performance. It boasts the latest features and optimum durability.

High Tech Features

This device is equipped with high tech features like non-contact voltage detection and LoZ ghost voltage detection for false readings. These features ensure safety and ease of use. Now you can take voltage readings without connecting wires in seconds.

For Heavy Duty Purpose

This monster can handle extreme loads and still function without flaws. It’s designed to withstand high-pressure work in big factories, buildings, and hospitals. It’s the perfect choice if you want a reliable partner for your high-pressure job.

Quick and easy usage

The 117 model gives quick and accurate voltage, current, resistance, and frequency readings. The led screen is bright and sharp with a backlight feature. Thus readings can be measured even in dark rooms and in emergencies.

Self-Protection Capability

This pocket dynamite is very clever too. It protects itself in case of overload. The device will turn off automatically if readings remain above 10 A for 30 seconds. This ensures a long life for the device.

Professionals Choice

It’s a great tool for professionals. It offers handy features and unmatched accuracy. Besides, it can also be attached to a magnetic hanger. The 117 brings comfort and reliability to the palm of your hand.

Our Verdict

Both Fluke 115 and 117 are great devices when it comes to function and reliability. The 115 model is more suitable for day to day use and small projects. It’s easy to grip and lightweight. The readings are accurate and fast. But the 117 model is just better overall. It’s a better deal if budget is not a concern. It comes with high-tech features offering more comfort and safety. Check out the other Comparison Summary in Fluke 116 vs 117

Frequently Asked Questions

What electrician does with a multimeter?
Multimeter is a very handy tool for electricians. Electricians need to inspect the circuit condition before starting their work. A multimeter gives a precise reading of voltage, current, resistance, and frequency. This helps an electrician to get a better understanding of his work.

What is the easiest multimeter to use?
The Fluke 115 is easy to get along with. The functions are simple yet handy. The grip is nice and comfortable. It can be stored easily in your pocket or tool bag. Overall it’s a fun device.

The Fluke 115 and 117 are both digital multimeters (DMM), but they have different features that set them apart. The 115 is a basic model that can measure voltage, current, and resistance, while the 117 has additional features like temperature measurement and frequency measurement. The 117 is also a more expensive model than the 115.


Fluke 115 Multimeter

Fluke 117 Multimeter

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