Berryman b12 vs Seafoam


Both Berryman B12 and Seafoam are great as motor treatment tools to keep the whole fuel system smooth and long-lasting. Seafoam and Berryman have their own positive and negative sides. But still, there is a stronger one than the other.

Berryman B12 is a much stronger grease and gum dissolver than Seafoam. Its strong effectiveness and reasonable price have made it much more popular than SeaFoam. Some people prefer using both of them. Berryman B12 is for the inner oil tank and SeaFoam for fuel injectors, upper engine area, and carburetor passageways as carbon cleaner. Some say Seafoam works as an excellent stabilizer. Still, the Berryman B12 is the stronger cleaner for the fuel system for its powerful active ingredients.

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